Tips for choosing anti-glare glasses when participating in traffic

1. Causes of glare.

There are two main causes of glare in the eyes:

Reason 1: There is a light source that is too strong to shine directly into the eyes. Strong light sources such as sunlight from 9am to 3pm, or light from high-powered car headlights.

Reson 2: Because of complex light source shines on, complex light source means that the light beams reaching our eyes are not parallel beams but are scattered in many directions (due to The glass is scratched, so the light rays through the glass are refracted in many different directions, causing glare.

2. How to avoid glare in the following cases:

Case 1: Going during the day against the sun, the sunlight causes glare and discomfort --> Use dark tinted glasses to reduce the intensity of light such as black, mirror, and smoke to help soften the eyes.


Case 2: Because the glass is scratched again, so that the light rays through are refracted in many different directions, at this time the light beam reaching our eyes is no longer a parallel light beam, thus causing uncomfortable glare. The easiest way is to replace the new standard glass, which will fix this situation.


Special case: This situation is extremely common, but currently there is no complete solution. This is the case when going at night, when the vehicles on the opposite side are illuminated by high-powered headlights, LED headlights (this is a strong light source). You can choose stained glass yellowto filter out other spectral components, leaving only yellow monochromatic so it will be more comfortable to the eye, but will still feel a little harsh but not completely comfortable due to the characteristics of the yellow spectrum. Therefore, in order to thoroughly avoid this situation, each road user must obey the law and behave in the right culture. Use headlights at the right time, in the right place, and for the right purpose.

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