I. Privacy Policy and Information Sharing

1. Purpose

GARA20 respect privacy, and want to protect personal information. The “Privacy Policy” below is the commitment that we make, to respect and protect the rights of visitors.

2. Specific regulations

2.1/ Collecting information

– When a customer makes an order transaction at GARA20, the customer must provide some necessary information for the purpose of supporting accurate delivery, as well as warranty and exchange when necessary.

– Customers are responsible for ensuring that the information is correct and always updated with the most complete and accurate information.

2.2/ Store and secure private information

– Customer information, as well as exchanges between customers and GARA20, are stored and secured by GARA20’s system.

2.3/ Use of customer information

* GARA20 has the right to use the information provided by customers to:

– Delivery to the address you provide.

Provide information related to products, benefits, offers or other correspondence.

– Process orders and provide services and information through website at your request.

3. Share customer information

GARA20 is committed not to share customer information with any other company except those companies and third parties directly related to the delivery. We may disclose or provide your personal information in the following cases when it is absolutely necessary:

– When required by law enforcement agencies.

– Share customer information with advertising partners like Google, for example, remarketing customers based on customer behavior.

– Market research and analysis reports and absolutely do not pass on to third parties.

5. Contact, answer, question.

Whenever customers need support, please contact GARA20 at Email: –

Support hotline: 1900 3320