Brand name meaning

The number 20 represents a two-wheeler. Gara20, also known as Gara 2, will be an ideal shopping place for motorcyclists and motorbike users. Not only equipping themselves with high-class helmets and protective gear, customers can also refurbish accessories for their “steal”.

Development process

The idea of ​​a brand developing a chain of high-end helmet and protective shops in a professional direction has been cherished since 2018. After a long time of preparation, on April 1, 2022 Gara20 officially opened the first 2 branches in District 6 and District 11, Ho Chi Minh City.

On the momentum of expansion and development, 2 months later GARA20 welcomed the 3rd branch located in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

See a list of GARA20 stores at here

Vision and mission

  • GARA20 strives to become the Top 1 prestigious and professional chain of storesproviding helmets & protective gear for 2-wheelers in Vietnam.
  • Bringing products that meet international safety standards to Vietnamese users at the most accessible prices.
  • Helping consumers increasingly understand the importance of protection when participating in traffic.